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A Contemplative Slice of Indie Rock: Harlow Lake

Harlow Lake shows impeccable skill in creating something that has its own serenity to it. Harlow Lake offers a contemplative slice of indie rock on the soulful “Bell and Jewel”. The knotted guitar lines are woven together in a way that feels so vivid, almost web-like in terms of their disposition. Lyrics go for clarity of sorts for every word is weighted for maximum impact. Quite catchy the way they allow so much into the fray feels outright fantastic. Balance is the trick for the meditative nature of it adds to its thoughtful presence.

Over the course of the piece, they layer the sound to become something quite beautiful to behold. References abound throughout the track, all the way from the yearning plight of Radiohead to the sullen downcast look of Interpol. Drums introduce the piece with an economical precision, one that cuts to the bone. Guitar races through it, as the tempo has a spritely take to it. The way they zoom out from the initial impulse of the piece adds to its quiet sense of majesty.

Lyrics here focus upon the duality that life requires. Buildup of the overall sound feels earned, as they never rush things too much. Atmosphere matters a great deal for they make sure that the evolution goes for something almost serene at times, highly tense at others. Vocals rest at the very heart of the mix, as their delivery becomes pure fire with each cycle, as the meaning is eventually uncovered.

For fans of: Radiohead, Everything Everything, The Mars Volta, Pinback, King Crimson, King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard Follow Harlow Lake: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube SPOTIFY EMBED CODE:


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