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ahaComa Unveils Self-Titled Album – A Genre-Bending Musical Journey

Charlotte-based duo ahaComa is redefining the music scene with their groundbreaking self-titled album, ahaComa.

Comprised of singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalists Hannah Finley and Rob Losier, ahaComa fuses rock, pop, and indie into what they call "American Daydream Music". ahaComa’s story began with a chance meeting at an open mic event, where Hannah and Rob instantly recognized their shared musical vision. Together, they embarked on a mission to create a sound that transcends traditional genres.

Their music features visionary arrangements, infectious beats, and thought-provoking lyrics. Each track is infused with authenticity and raw emotion, drawn from the duo’s personal experiences and keen observations.

Work on ahaComa began before the pandemic, but global events interrupted their progress, prompting a period of self-examination. This introspection is evident throughout the album, which addresses themes of love, loss, hope, and personal growth.

The opening track, “Vultures”, sees Rob writing to his daughter, urging her to enjoy life without worry, promising to always be there for her. This song showcases ahaComa's ability to evoke strong emotions and convey important messages through ethereal vocals and indie sensibility with a psychedelic twist.

“Servant of Fear”, an indie-pop-rock tune, delves into the risks of being “all in” despite the possibility of failure. It’s a powerful exploration of vulnerability and courage.

“Nowhereland” tackles the fear of leading an average life and realizing a chosen path has led nowhere. This indie song reminds listeners to pursue their dreams despite societal pressures to conform.

“EmoJoint” is an emo-pop anthem about unfulfilled expectations and the desire for acceptance, flaws and all.

“Saved By a Lifeguard” is a chill rock track about having a safety net and someone to lean on during tough times. It speaks to the importance of support systems in navigating life’s challenges.

The album closes with the title track, “ahaComa”, inspired by Plato’s cave allegory. This dream pop composition highlights the profound impact of perspective on life, suggesting that new viewpoints can lead to epiphanies.

Discussing the album, ahaComa comments, “‘ahaComa’ delves into the complexities of the human experience, expressing emotions and personal stories. Each track communicates feelings of love, loss, hope, introspection, and more.”

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