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ALANA Releases Dreamy New Single 'Counting Sheep'

Hailing from New York City, singer-songwriter ALANA unveils her new single ‘Counting Sheep’. The lullaby-styled track is a taste of ALANA's forthcoming EP.

Alana’s vocals float effortlessly over gentle acoustic guitar and delicate piano, the track grows more emotive throughout as haunting strings and synths are introduced, evoking the feelings of struggle and contemplation that inspired the track. ALANA on the inspiration behind the track: “Counting Sheep is an escapist track that I wrote during a time when I really struggled with falling asleep. I was frustrated with the idea that counting sheep would ever help someone sleep since it never really seemed to work for me, so I channelled that energy into a song that embodies the dream state I so often wish I was in.” ALANA worked alongside producer Joe Endozo (Ari Lennox, Charlene Kaye, Sean McVerry, Amira B., Hot Fun) to bring the song to life. Starting out as a diaristic poem that ALANA wrote about her struggles sleeping, she added a guitar melody and then took the song to Joe who helped build the sonic world of the track. Listen to 'Counting Sheep'

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