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Alias Wayne Presents New Single "Ms Mystery"

The latest release from Ranzel K. Kendrick under the moniker Alias Wayne

continues Kendrick’s long tradition of pursuing traditional music with a

personalized twist. “Ms. Mystery” opens with a tasty mix of blues

acoustic guitar motifs that go much further than most illustrious Delta

blues predecessors or their ilk. Electric guitar soon finds its way into

the musical framework and the expert weaving of the arrangement’s

disparate elements into an overall whole creates an immediate mood.

Kendrick’s confidence is audible. He’s creating a musical world that

immediately draws listeners in.

The vocals seal the deal. Kendrick has an one of a kind voice that

blends assorted influences with the same personalized stamp as the

music. There’s a smoky ambiance in his approach without ever straining

for effect. His lyrics are evocative without ever being painfully

specific. His command of pseudo-Biblical language and symbolism sets him

apart from his peers and contemporaries alike. Kendrick’s vocal phrasing

adds reams of meaning to the performance.

The addition of a backing female vocalist further enhances the

experience. Using this secondary singer isn’t overstated and instead

adds a further soulful quality to the performance. Kendrick likewise

tailors the song’s length to maximize the song’s impact. It’s the mark

of superior songwriting and his veteran outlook. Kendrick comes across

as a musical artist at the peak of his considerable powers. The

production is a similar thing framing the song in the best sonic light.

Kendrick has been steadily building a legacy along the fringes of

popular music. Nephew of the great Roger Miller, performer of the iconic

classic “King of the Road” among countless others, Kendrick is no

stranger to the needed artistry to create timeless tunes. “Ms. Mystery”

consciously, but never pretentiously, reaches for that timelessness and

succeeds on all counts. Despite the imagery laden throughout his lyrics,

they are accessible for any intelligent and devoted music fan.

We need music such as this more than ever in our modern world.

Kendrick’s “Ms. Mystery” is rife with dynamic instrumentation, more than

a spark of inspiration, and a willingness to meet the listener head on.

He never panders with cliched turns, either musically or lyrically. It’s

vibrant. He has a sure hand for knowing how to end a song as well. “Ms.

Mystery” comes to a compelling conclusion with the way it seemingly

unravels into the ether, smacking of the same mysteries that he refers

to throughout the composition.


This prolific artist will be with us, under whatever guise, for many

years to come. His homegrown brand of authenticity shows no signs of

wear and he’s willing to attempt breaking new ground with each new

recording. You can’t help but have confidence in such a performer and



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