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'All-in on love': The Lou Baxter Project Reveal Memorable New Song & Music Video

Glamorous retro rock band The Lou Baxter Project have released their seventh single! ‘All-in on love’ dropped on July 30th and it is nothing short of a show-stopper. Let's delve a little deeper and take a closer listen...

The setting? A small suburban casino

The theme? An unusual declaration of love

‘All-in on love’ is an uplifting track with an enticing narrative at its core. The track is based on a true incident and is inspired by the eventful life of Lou Baxter - the name and idea giver of the Lou Baxter Project.

The band's new single draws the listener in with its funky guitar riffs, harmonious vocals, tight horns and crisp retro organs. The tantalising music video is a must-see, and will draw you immediately into the world of the song; with all of the glitz, glamour and danger of a casino. The setting become a metaphor for love itself - 'Put all my chips on number love' say the lyrics. This is a song that tells the listener: go for it, the skies the limit, and it is sure to appeal to people from all walks of life, as this is a message we need to hear more often!

Lou Baxter's rich and warm vocal will entice you from the get-go. Listen as the story of the song unfolds in a beautiful mesh of voice and musical prowess. There is excellently-crafted musical arrangement featuring brass, rock guitars and tight percussion throughout, and the track is seamlessly produced. All in all, we love the playful nature of this track, and we're confident you will too. Go check it out now!

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