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Alt-Pop Artist Pamela Sue Mann Shares New Single 'Pink Flamingos'

Alternative pop artist Pamela Sue Mann has just dropped her vibrant new single ‘Pink Flamingos’. The track has a happy-go-lucky feel and expresses a pure joyousness, both musically and in Pamela’s quirky vocal delivery.

Written as a joyous contrast to the sorrow caused by the current world climate, Mann describes Pink Flamingos as: “The song was written as a welcome burst of sunshine in these dark times and is guaranteed to make you smile or even dance… A profound platonic love and imagining the celebration of that love by quite literally dancing together goofily in the supermarket isles - A celebration of queerness and of life and of our unique selves in the collective world. It’s sublimating the horror reality of a pandemic into the divine delirious hopefulness of humanity, starting with a dance. Where better or more appropriate to dress up in a wacky flamingo-patterned suit than a supermarket? Brightening up the aisles of produce and canned goods – and our lives”

Watch the music video:

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