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Alt-pop Artist Scrawny Releases Uplifting Track 'Space' Alongside Debut EP

His adventure as Scrawny began as an excitement and energy around creating fresh pop music. After taking piano lessons at a young age, Dill taught himself over 11 different instruments, including guitar, bass, drums & ukulele. Any spare dollar would go towards new instruments and audio equipment so he could begin producing and developing his own style and sound.

Largely influenced by the music of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Coldplay, the music that would eventually be released under the Scrawny name most closely resembles a solo-version of Tyler Joseph (Twenty Øne Pilots), Lauv, or Gnash. Scrawny tracks remain inherently pop, while incorporating aspects of folk, alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. Scrawny is ok with cheesy as long as it’s honest. It’s a journey, and he just hopes to find some friends along for the ride.

Honing his craft over the years, Scrawny now unveils his latest project 'I could learn a thing or two'. The 4-track EP includes stand-out track 'Space'. The official music video for 'Space' will join the previous three videos to create one long-form video to experience the EP visually.

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