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Alternative-Rock trio Fossway release 'Live In The Fire'

After a rewarding 2019 with Fossway releasing their debut EP and playing festivals such as Lindisfarne, Hook & Gun, and Long Division, the Alternative Rock trio now aims to continue their momentum even with the limited live opportunities this year.

Their previous single 'Grey Cloud', released in April 2020, received a wave of satisfying feedback and Fossway are now confidently releasing their newest single 'Live In The Fire'. Creating their unique style with merging pieces of Progressive-Rock into the concurrent sound of Alternative-Rock, Fossway shapes a line between modern Alt-Rock sounds and old-school Rock vibes.

Bassist and lyricist John Lennox explains the inspiration behind the song being the bands journey getting through the the challenges of current times. Not being able to play shows in front of live audiences and travel across the world to reach new people gave them the experience of bonding not only as friends but also as a team.

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