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Art-Gaze trio Cat Ryan share new single 'Mary Shelley Song'

The trio consisting of Simon Tarbox, Lucas Rothwell and Mary-Anne Murphy previously appeared in the spotlight with their earlier singles 'Mannerism' and 'Blessed Through The TV', earning critical acknowledgment by tastemakers like Xune Mag, When The Horn Blows, The Girls At The Rock Show, Indietronica and Yack Magazine, praising them as band that bends the rules of pop and rock and paves way for a new era of British dreamy indie-pop.

"It's Avery unique song", explains Mary-Anne, speaking about the creative process and story of their newest single 'Mary Shelley Song'. She reveals that only the first verse is about Mary Shelley, taking inspiration from various memories of her time at college. Mary-Anne mentions the theme of the song not fully making sense, saying "it kind of makes sense to us (the band), but other people will probably wonder how the lyrics were created and what they're supposed to be about."

Drawing inspiration from a range of sources the band sets their own, exceptional, musical direction and looks forward to the future, developing alongside Art-Rock contemporaries like Youth Sector, Swine, Tax, Coach Party, Tranqua Lite and CIEL.

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