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Azu Yeché Returns with Soulful & Poignant Farewell to an Unequal Relationship ‘Leave Me Now’

Photo credit: Bo Morgan

British-Nigerian artist Azu Yeché is back with a new single, “Leave Me Now”. This poignant track marks Yeché’s return to the music scene, following last year’s two-part EP, Soul Afrikanah (part one & part two). Known for his soulful and introspective music, Yeché’s latest release is a powerful expression of accepting the end of an unequal relationship.

“Leave Me Now” showcases Yeché’s ability to blend classic soul with modern elements, featuring slow-paced percussion, serene acoustic strings, and a commanding yet relaxed vocal performance.

Yeché shares the inspiration behind the song: “I wrote 'Leave Me Now' from the viewpoint of being with someone who isn't as sure about the relationship as you are. You would rather end things than continue with someone who is not all in.” This intimate reflection invites listeners into Yeché’s emotional world, seeking clarity and connection through his music.

The song’s intimacy is enhanced by Yeché’s approach to recording. Entirely self-written on the guitar, Azu Yeché recorded the vocals in just one or two takes to capture the raw emotion. The instrumentation in ‘Leave Me Now’ is a masterclass in subtle sophistication. The deliberately slow-paced percussion and serene acoustic strings provide a perfect backdrop for Yeché’s vocals. He collaborated with Jim Lawton in the studio to finalize the subtle, warm production, creating a sound true to the song’s soulful core.

It was a beautiful experience working with Jim Lawton on the production for this song,” Yeché says. “I believe we came up with a stripped-back sound that is true to the soulful nature of the song but also has some subtle modern touches. I've loved performing this song live and I'm so happy that it is finally being released.

Upcoming live dates:

13th June - The Victoria, Birmingham

14th June - Dash The Henge, London

28th June - Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

More from Azu Yeché:  Website - Facebook - Instagram - TikTok - Twitter - Spotify 


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