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Azwel Set To Release Soul-warming Album XV

AZWEL is a multi-talented artist crafting music which is food for the soul. This delightful collection of thirteen tracks showcase his versatility as a musician and songwriter, as well as excellent craftsmanship at the heart of it all. The fruits of AZWEL's labour of love are here for all to enjoy, and this album will uplift, soothe and move you.

Azwel is a project that involves songwriter Jason Perrillo and his live band. For the past 15 years, Jason has gained online success recording and producing independently released albums in his New York studio. He describes the music as melodic, eclectic catchy pop/rock with songs that are influenced by various styles of music.

There are definite touches of The Beatles to be found in Azwel's songwriting, such as in opening track 'The Seven Day Drought' featuring warm organ and string arrangements. Second track takes it up a notch with its faster-paced more energetic groove. We are launched well and truly into the kaleidoscopic world of Azwel by this point, with the colour and energy of the album artwork making perfect sense upon hearing the contrast between the two tracks. This album belongs somewhere between all the multi-faceted breadth of human emotion and much like paint on a canvas, this album illustrates life's experiences through music.

Azwel's lyrics are poetic and narrative in equal measure, as on this second track, we hear the words 'The kids are crying'... 'Our Achilles XV' features a sauntering piano and has a lulling, waltzy rhythm and entrancing backing vocals. We hear the influences of 60s folk meshed with Radiohead and once more, The Beatles! A personal favourite for us is 'Sudden Disappearance' with its feel-good vibe, and hint of The Doors. Yet Azwel is creating something entirely unique with a musical world all of his own. Once more, there's a point of contrast with the following track 'The Lobby' which is more mellow and sad in tone, featuring luscious double bass and guitar. The mesh of acoustic instrumentation is pretty damn wondrous and rare to come by!

Piano-based 'In Heavenly Form' showcases the raw songwriting ability of the artist, with everything kept to a minimum other than subtle touches of backing vocals, strings and of course, Azwel's stand-out lead vocal. 'Love and Intervention' has a more frantic feel, with some quirky experimental use of synths too. 'Bells And Whistles' would fit in perfectly with the Paris jazz-scene, performed at some bohemian cafe we imagine, or fitting well into a French indie film. Much of this album sounds like a soundtrack to a film, as the music and lyrics are so descriptive and lend themselves to a mode of story-telling which is utterly gripping. Closing track 'Lost In Varbola' has a classical-style piano at its core, with its slightly unsettling and brooding feel, with hints of Muse. All in all, a wondrous journey for the listener, this album is an absolute treat.

Visit for more info and to preorder the album out May 26th!


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