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Back To 'Year Zero' With Elijah Hills

Elijah Hills has just released his new album 'Year Zero'. Join us as we have an exclusive chat with this fast-emerging talent, and delve a little deeper into his unforgettable new work...

Firstly, how would you describe your music, Elijah?

I’d describe my music as something that you can listen to and not feel like you’re just hearing a lifestyle, but rather lessons and tips you could apply in life.

When did you start making music?

I starting writing music when I was 16, but I started publishing officially in 2020 when I was still 18.

Who’s your inspiration?

Lil skies, J. Cole, D. Savage, X, Amine, Nipsey, and a local favorite: Jaawzy

What do you love about music?

It makes me feel like my life isn’t meaningless and that I can grow. At times I do get hit w/ self doubt, but I always find myself coming back to it.

What got you into music?

Well in a way…my arrogance. I thought I could make a better song than everyone else, and after I found out that it was shit I just made something better. After that the pattern continued and now I just try to be better than myself than everyone else.

The Low-down On 'Year Zero'

Opening track 'Thoughts' is a mellow ode to self about regenerating as a person, overcoming habits and shooting for the stars. The raw, candid theme is refreshing to hear. 'Stressed' opens with a beautiful melody and Hills takes it up a notch, as the mood gets more upbeat. A particular favourite for us has to be 'Different Guy' with its tight 808 groove.

We can hear the adrenaline and hunger in 'Moving Fast', while 'Ballin' gets a little more nostalgic, with its dreamy piano textures and a fresh vocal feature from Onairam. There's a super catchy chorus on this one too, that you'll be singing long after hearing. Ambition, determination, f**k the fake friends. 'Loves a Drug' is a heartfelt ballad full of self-determination.

Listen to 'Year Zero' for yourself:

Listen to the super-catchy track 'Guitar', taken from the album, which has amassed over 18k plays on Youtube:


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