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Barrett Unveils A New Era of Skatepark Pop With Debut EP “Quit Dreaming”

Hailing from Nashville, Barrett is redefining the alternative music scene with their debut EP, Quit Dreaming. Fronted by the singer-songwriter Addi Barrett and supported by drummer/producer Alex Murphy, guitarists Declan Nelligan and Matt Rock, Barrett is delivering what they proudly call "skatepark pop". Their music is a blend of alternative rock and pop-punk, crafted with rhythmic precision and creative soundscapes that defy genre conventions.

Quit Dreaming encapsulates Barrett’s mission: to stop "dreaming" and start creating. The EP's four tracks invite listeners to dance, think, and feel, blending infectious production with compelling vocals.

The opening track, “Don’t Tell”, explores the secrecy in relationships. With clear-cut pop-punk elements and fun tempo shifts, it captures the allure of keeping things hidden, whether due to unhealthy dynamics or societal disapproval.

“Oh No! (Everybody Hates Me)” addresses social anxieties and overthinking with a satirical twist. Mixing alt-rock and R&B influences, it’s an irresistibly danceable track that resonates with anyone who’s ever questioned their relationships.

“Passenger Princess” delivers a dopamine rush with its mainstream pop appeal. It paints a picture of innocent fantasy and illusion, perfect for karaoke nights and sleepover sing-alongs.

The EP closes with “Crash and Burn”, an anthemic alt-rock track that ties the compilation together. Its lyrics tackle themes of karma, mistakes, and constructive criticism aimed at a bullying former employer, transitioning from gentle melodies to gritty intensity.

Barrett recorded Quit Dreaming in Alex Murphy’s home studio, demonstrating their refusal to conform to industry pressures. Their sound blends freshness with nostalgia, influenced by bands like The Killers and Paramore.

The band members met through writing spaces and recording sessions across Nashville, deciding to collaborate on new songs towards the end of 2022. They wrote, arranged, and recorded the entire EP themselves, funded through crowdfunding and personal contributions.


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