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Beat Noir Deluxe shares compelling music video for recent release 'Start Over Again'

Back with a new synth-pop anthem, Beat Noir Deluxe (Sascha G) has unveiled his catchy new single 'Start Over Again'. A hypnotic, toe-tapping offering, 'Star Over Again' comes together through bassy vocals and warming synths.

Speaking about ‘Start Over Again’, he describes it as “vocally very varied, the text is about the ending of relationships and the new beginning, which can be stressful if you are looking for stability up to the feeling of experiencing the same thing over and over again.”

Beat Noir Deluxe is an alternative electronic music project led by singer, songwriter/composer and producer Sascha G, based in Bolzano/Bozen in Italy. Beat Noir Deluxe has been alternatively labelled as a blend of synthpop, futurepop, dark wave, indie electronic, post-punk and trip-hop. With Beat Noir Deluxe, Sascha G. performs on drums, keyboards and guitar, as well as singing and arranging the songs with his Digital Audio Workstation.

Watch the music video:

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