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Beauty in Chaos: Noella Rain Invites Us To Reflect With New Album

Long Island, New York artist Noella Rain is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, who has just released a truly thought-provoking and unforgettable album 'Beauty In Chaos'...

At just 18 years old, Noella Rain is about to start her freshman year at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. It comes as no surprise given the evident level of talent to be heard on this album. There are 12 varied tracks which have bitter and sweet turns throughout, yet join together to form s a coherent body of work.

Opening track 'Pixies' will entrance you from the opening bar, with its ethereal electric piano. Noella's vocal and an indie-pop melodic guitar part enter, alongside cinematic strings. One thinks to Lana Del Rey. 'Broken Canvas' has piano at its core, alongside a dreamy mbira-style sound. The song builds a lot of tension with very dramatic production, which makes you picture the song on an epic movie of some sort; the chorus is marching-style, and quite unexpectedly ballad-style. A personal favourite song of ours is 'Inception' with its soothing sound design and poetic lyrics, and the way it contrasts so well with the proceeding track 'Please Stop Loving Me'. We love the words on this one: "If love was labelled poison, we'd drink it anyway'. There is indeed a darkness within this album, a sort of juxtaposition between melancholic and upbeat, which makes for very memorable pop infused with an indie edge.

The bite of 'Masquerade' makes you think to the likes of Carole King, with its classic songwriting and stand-out chorus. 'Warrior' brings in more of an R&B edge to the album, with its trippy synth pad and infectious beat. There is truly a song for everyone on this album. '2:04' will shake you out of your comfort zone with its urgent melodies, while 'Moonlight' will lull you back into it. By the closing track, you'll have fallen in love with the art of Noella Rain.

Noella Rain is currently working on a new EP, and given the incredible nature of this release, we cannot wait to hear more!

Stream Beauty in Chaos here:

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