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Berlin Duo Strange Souvenirs Release Memorable New Single 'Nothing2'

Berlin music duo release their captivating new track 'Nothing2'. It's an eery, otherworldly track that will haunt you for a while after hearing it...

Strange Souvenirs are Thomas Juhnke and Matthias Juhnke. Together with producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Cameron James Laing, they are currently completing their first album at The Famous Gold Watch Studio in Weissensee Berlin. These guys are really making music which is special indeed. A trippy hybrid of piano, guitar, sultry drums and sophisticated lyric and vocals.

There are traces of Radiohead, Blur and Oasis that us UK music lovers will resonate with.

All in all, this track is rather disorientating. There is a strange mesh of familiar sounds, with traces of Radiohead, Blur and Oasis that us UK music lovers will resonate with. These meet unfamiliar, more experimental elements of electronic production. The theme too, is rather tragic and melancholic, which juxtaposes with the catchy beat.

The track was recorded, produced & mixed at The Famous Gold Watch Studio Berlin and features performances by a handful of charismatic & capable Berlin-based musicians and artists. These are Cameron James Laing (acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, organ, mellotron, orchestral string arrangement, shakers, renegade triangle), Gidon Carmel (drums & percussion), Heidi Heidelberg (backing vocals & choir), Héloïse Lefebvre (violin & viola) and Tim Hook (electric guitar). The beautiful cover artwork of an eye is by Michelle Marie-Lou Nuerk.

Stream the new track from Strange Souvenirs here:

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