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  • lauryverdoux

Big Slice's catchy new single 'Could Be Wrong' is out now!

Following on from the rousing response to their breakthrough debut album ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’, indie-rock troubadours Big Slice are back once again to unveil their shimmering new single ‘Could Be Wrong’, produced by Nainesh Shah of Flotation Toy Warning.

Channelling a warm and effervescent nod to the vibrant Britpop sound, ‘Could Be Wrong’ sees them return with a beautifully welcoming delight. With its glittering guitar hooks and upbeat demeanour running the pace behind this new offering, the group are looking forward to making the months ahead their most memorable to date.

Speaking about the new release, they describe it as, “That moment when you realise a relationship has gone forever and you are to blame but the only way to deal with it is to have a great time getting out of it.”


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