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BIRTHE Is Back With Captivating Single ‘Boy Bye’

Belgium-based BIRTHE is releasing her latest single, 'Boy Bye', ahead of her upcoming album, set to be released next year, showcasing her creative energy in an empowering way.

'Boy Bye' showcases her distinctive voice after a breakup. The melody and chorus were intuitively crafted by her, while she co-wrote the R&B and pop song with Luis Oscar Santos (OSKI), who also produced the track. Her enchanting vocals and upbeat track feature a production with drums, bass, guitar, keys, trumpet, saxophone, alto, and cello.

The captivating tune is a thrilling release showing off BIRTHE’s exceptional musical talents and versatility combining her past and present for an incredible future to come. Her music is inviting. ‘Boye Bye’ is a perfect fit for her entire discography.

Discussing the track, BIRTHE comments, “'Boy Bye' is an empowering song about cheating in a relationship, written from the point of view of the person being cheated on.”

Find out more about BIRTHE, and do not miss out on ‘Boy Bye’, which is currently available on streaming platforms:


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