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Black Lung Lucy Have An Album On The Way!

A man of booze, sin and redemption & his whiskey drinking devil woman. This is Mississippi's Black Lung Lucy, who are set to release their debut self titled album May 14th 2021. Even though this is their first official release the band is already grabbing listeners with their swamp blues vibes and deep lyrics.

The band comprises of vocalist Black Lung Lucy and guitarist D. Kosmo. They are master songwriters and musicians. Opening track 'Thousand Men', taken from the upcoming album is available now ahead of the full release. Stream it now on Bandcamp here, where you can also preorder the entire album. There's merch available to so grab yours now.

This is a beautifully crafted country-rock track with swinging drums and guitars. It features the raucous vocal of Black Lung Lucy's D. Kosmo, offset with the warm elegant tone of Jennifer Wilder. It's a great piece of narrative as well as music.

Black Lung Lucy's self titled album is out this May 14th! For now, stream 'Thousand Men' for free here:

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