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Bosola's new lead single - 'Soil & Dust', are you ready for the new EP?

North East based singer-songwriter Bosola has released his new single 'Soil & Dust' from his upcoming EP. Tim Cox, who goes by his stage name Bosola, is set to release his new EP ‘How Sick I Became, Running From Myself’ which has been in the works alongside producer James Haselhurst for the last 2 months.

The first single, “Soil & Dust” has been released. The song explores the uncertainty that comes with relationships, Bosola highlights that, “It is about that conflicted feeling that you get when things start to go your way in a relationship or project that you really care about”. This track showcases that feeling you get when you want something good to come out of something and you know how much it hurts when it doesn’t. The track questions, “is it worth getting excited about, something that will grow…like soil, or dust…will it blow away over time”.

The joyful track is upbeat and is a nostalgic remedy to the drudgery of lockdown, “I hope this feeling is relatable and gives people an upbeat summery song to come out of lockdown too”. His inspirations for the track, Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’, opening guitar tuning stylings of Nick Drake and the energetic Delivery of Billy Bragg is evident on this beautifully arranged song with a positive message. If this is a taste into the full EP we can’t wait for June 2021!

“Soil & Dust” – Single Artwork | Photo Credit: Harley Kuyck-Cohen

Bosola – Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter


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