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Brey's Cosmic Wire Debut: the unforgettable single 'Getaway Car'

Brey's Cosmic Wire Debut is Electro Pop Single ‘Getaway Car and it is certainly not to be missed. It's definitely one of those songs that you'll be humming long after hearing. You might even hear it in your sleep, it's that catchy!

Label Heads, BJ Klock and BLAZAR Offer the Lo-Fi Remix.

This is a dark and entrancing single which addresses the underbelly of society riddled with mental illness. Brey's empowering vocals mesh beautifully with a truly bold beat. The artist comments:

“having hit some of my lowest moments in life with these mental health issues, I really wanted to capture those raw emotions of what it’s like living with these issues through lyrics such as, ‘I’m dodging daggers through my mind's minefield.’ By sharing ‘Getaway Car’ with people, I wanted to give the message of hope and escape. That where you may be, isn’t where you have to stay.”

‘Getaway Car’ warps into the electro pop spectrum with synth work from the award-winning songwriter and Cosmic Wire label head, BLAZAR. For the B-side of the release the label co-founder, expert growth-hacker and electronic music producer, BJ Klock presses his first Cosmic Wire record and collaboration with BLAZAR for the introspective remix of ‘Getaway Car’. BJ Klock brought the guitar melody while BLAZAR added his signature vocal work, retro soundscapes, courtesy of the Juno-6 and JX-3p and movement with old school, analog 808 drums.

All in all, this is an insatiable song with a ton of attitude and drama. The sleek music production and expert musical craftsmanship is pretty rare to come by. The combination of this together with Brey's haunting vocal and lyrics make for some unforgettable listening. No wonder the track has already racked up over 250,000 streams on Spotify. Listen now:

Brey Online


BJ Klock


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