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Brian Doucette Releases New Single 'Day Drinkin'

Brian Doucette’s new single “Day Drinkin” is the latest romping groove

from this East Coast based artist. It has a fun take on behavior that

most people look askance on, drinking alcohol during the day, and makes

no apologies for it. Doucette has long since perfected his

entertainment-centered package with prior releases and appearances in a

variety of five-star venues such as The Bluebird in Nashville, Halifax’s

The Carleton, and Hollywood’s famed Whiskey A Go-Go, to name a few. “Day

Drinkin” will play well in those sorts of environments and provides one

more piece of evidence for the inherent elasticity of Doucette’s

songwriting art.

It begins with a little musical sleight of hand. A smoky barroom piano

introduction opens the cut before Doucette segues into a bass-heavy

groove for the song’s opening verse. He’s throwing himself headlong into

hip-hop with this track and scores an unlikely but convincing success

from the outset. Precise percussion underlines the arrangement’s focus

on groove above all else and, paired with the aforementioned bass, gives

“Day Drinkin” a sturdy foundation that’s impossible to ignore.

Doucette’s vocals are wide-open. Phrasing his detail-laden lyrics might

prove to be a challenge for many vocalists, but not him. Doucette locks

into the lyric’s needs from the beginning and the percussive qualities

his voice supplies give the track an even more insistent pulse. The

arrangement boasts a handful of satisfying twists rather than charging

ahead heedless of any opportunities for diversifying the listener’s




It's easy to hear this song has a potential audience-participation

number. “Day Drinkin” is a song clearly intent on rallying listeners

around its chorus without ever sounding too crass about it. There’s

ample humor in the lyrics, as well, with Doucette noting life’s plethora

of absurdities along the way. Superficial listening may lead you to

believe that “Day Drinkin” is exclusively a novelty number, but a closer

listener reveals that there’s more going on.

He's having so much audible fun as a performer that such subtleties are

easy to miss. Doucette is a singer keyed into the joy of entertaining

audiences with such pure enthusiasm that it carries you along with it.

There’s no pretentiousness present here. He’s written this song with the

express desire of connecting with the widest possible audience and

achieves that goal with room to spare.


Nor does he dare overstepping the song’s mandate. “Day Drinkin” lands,

dazzles you, and gets out of your way with minimal fuss. Brian Doucette

is wise to never belabor the song’s potential and it pays off for

listeners with a focused and confident single. He has three albums under

his belt already, a fourth on the way, and songs such as this leave you

certain that he’s working near or at the peak of his powers. He’s an

unique performer and let’s hope he sticks around for many more years to

come. Songs like “Day Drinkin” invite you to cast your cares aside for a

time without ever feeling like it’s a guilty pleasure and we need that

from music more than ever.


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