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Brian Field Lets the Human Voice Take Centre Stage on 'Vocal Works'

Brian Field's electric mix of lyricism and romanticism returns on new album 'Vocal Works'. The seasoned composer, who's ever-evolving career began when he was just 16, brings his unique compositional style to a new record which doesn't shy away from having the simplicity of the human voice as its showpiece.

'Vocal Works' stays true to Field's brand of compositional diversity, crafted and refined through his years of work making compositions for ballets, television, orchestral works and much more. In this new body of music, Field lifts six pieces springing from the page, including a traditional lullaby, musical interpretations of Pablo Neruda's and E.E. Cummings' poetry, and work with original texts written by Field himself.

Perfectly fusing minimalism with post-romanticism, the simple yet beautiful pieces have a winning melodic flow and a clean and bright translucency to the vocals. Vocals provided by the Budapest Chorus are sung with a soaring dynamism, and bring emotion to every note of this winning album.

'Vocal Works' is available to stream now on Spotify

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