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British Singer-Songwriter Will Knox Releases New Track "Pillow Scream"

In the tender embrace of Will Knox’s latest single, "Pillow Scream", vulnerability intertwines with raw charm, painting a poignant narrative ahead of his forthcoming album, 'English Silence'.

With a delicate touch reminiscent of Elliott Smith and Bear’s Den, Knox's introspective songwriting finds solace in acoustic and folk roots. Produced by Ian Grimble, the track's simplicity—solitary acoustic guitar, candid vocals, subtle synths, and supportive strings—beckons listeners into a world of introspection.

In a candid reflection, Knox reveals the song's genesis; a struggle with self-expression born of fear. Yet, amidst the frustration, he found a path to authenticity, a journey mirrored in his music.

As "Pillow Scream" emerges ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week, Knox's commitment to honest dialogue resonates deeply. Beyond the single, his upcoming London performance and autumn tour promise to further intertwine vulnerability with melody, inviting audiences into a space where honesty is celebrated.

In Knox’s evolving narrative, vulnerability isn’t weakness - it's the cornerstone of connection. And with "Pillow Scream", he invites us to embrace our truths, however daunting they may seem.


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