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Brophy's Law Release Energetic Folk-Punk Track 'The Bachelor'

Brophy’s Law have released their all time live favourite live track 'The Bachelor', which has a strong traditional and authentic folk-punk classic sound with an alternative edge.

This Celtic rock outfit are based in Copenhagen, but originally from England, Scotland and the northern-most tip of Denmark. This new single release follows on perfectly from their recent album release "True Stories" and comes in good time for this year's St.Patrick's Day celebrations - so grab an ale and get dancing!

'The Bachelor', is bold in both its semantics and its sound. This song is clearly the result of years of experience crafting great songs and the work of a group of very talented musician-songwriters. Though the band draw influences from the likes of The Pogues and The Clash, their sound is entirely their own.

For years Brophy’s Law (originally Neil Brophy Band) have been a regular favourite at many DK/UK festivals & culture houses. Brophy busked & revelled his way around the world for several years hitting countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA honing the craft of a songsmith: a lifestyle that became a Law.

Unapologetically themselves - albeit a little brash (with this song being about choosing drink over a wife) - we are loving their sound, and would bet good money that their gigs get the crowd moving! Besides, it's all a little tongue-in-cheek of course and perfectly in keeping with this very specific genre that the band are evidently so well-versed in. If you're new to the genre, there's definitely something for every music lover here - these are songs that paint stories and will resonate with all of us in some way. If you like catchy folk-tinged, Irish-style ballads, even better - and just look at this live video:

Go stream and download now:

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