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Cassy London's New Release 'Yellow Bricks' Is An Irresistible Pop Track

Channelling an off-beat and quirky yet seductive approach to the alt-pop sound, ‘Yellow Bricks’ showcases Cassy London in her most adventurous guise yet. This inventive track blends Cassy’s rich tones with brilliant layers of vocal harmony underpinned by an infectious trip hop beat, once again breaking down conventions to become one of the most distinctive new names on the rise right now.

A theme of self-worth is explored throughout the song, where Cassy proves she can triumph over any obstacles that arise in her glittery path.

Cassy delves deeper into the meaning of the track, “‘Yellow Bricks’ symbolizes having the confidence to build and follow your own road, while up against the people that want to stand between you and your greatness.”

Listen here:

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