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Chósta Drop Luscious New Track 'Late Night Jazz Radio'

Late Night Jazz Radio, released on the 5th of November 2021, is a seven-minute-long track by Irish producer and artist, Chosta, that plunges us into this comforting yet melancholic trance. Littered beautifully with jazz-infused samples, distant cymbals, and an echoing and ambiguous vocal line, the single draws your ears in from all angles.

Sonically inspired by Twighlight hour radio shows, such as Donal Dineen’s Today FM, in which Chosta grew up on, the record feels nostalgic despite its unique listening experience – all created through its new electronica and down-tempo rhythms. Reminiscent too, in terms of similar artists, of Four Tet, Bab Stiltz and Mount Kimbie, the track encourages us to time-travel back to a place, where all that must be done is enjoy the night and spend time with friends on the dancefloor of our favourite musical venue; somewhere where reality is suspended momentarily and all that remains is our mind and the music.


Similar Artists: Four Tet, Baba Stiltz, Mount Kimbie, DJ Koze, Session Victim, Leon Vynehal.




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