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Charlie Mat Releases Groovy New Single 'The Little Birdies'

Rising alt-pop sensation Charlie Mat has returned with a delightful new offering 'The Little Birdies'. Combining a funk-fuelled rhythm with shimmering synths and soulful vocals, the richly layered track flaunts a seamless production. On the surface the track has an upbeat and celebratory vibe, but the inspiration behind the track runs deep for Charlie. A sentimental ode to his late grandmother, Charlie wrote the song while suffering from depression following her passing.

Charlie shares more on the meaning behind the track:

“Making this song was my way of dealing through this grief and a way of thanking her for all the love she gave to me. She was the first person to ever know that I was gay since I was little, I used to play dress up with her heels and some of her make up and she was the first person ever to accept me for the way I am. We decided to keep it a secret since nobody in my family was ready for me to come out, but she told me “religion doesn't matter to me when it comes to loving my own blood, and you have taught me that love comes first in every situation”. My grandma helped me in so many ways so this whole song is her essence and her aura.” Taking the experience of real life trauma and creating something beautiful out of it is a testament to Charlie's ability to compose profound and thoughtful music. A uniquely talented artist, we can't wait to see Charlie go from strength to strength.

Listen below:

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