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Conflict Choir delivers atmospheric excellence in new single 'Algorithm'

Conflict Choir is the brainchild of UK singer-songwriter Ali Clinton, who's deep and resonating alt-rock style attracted the attention of others around his scene and thus Conflict Choir was born. Drummer Jack Bowles is the other member, and the pair produce experimental alt-rock with atmosphere and hope, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

With a new album on the horizon, they share new single 'Algorithm' which is an eloquent and pure injection of textural alt-rock soundscapes that travel far and wide. Its energy is understatedly brilliant and the songwriting prowess from Clinton comes to the fore in this offering.

Speaking about the single and upcoming album, Conflict Choir share: “Algorithm is the next single from our full album ‘Strange Game’, which is being released single by single. Each single has it’s own unique style and personality and has alternative versions that we will sometimes release online on our Patreon but will reserve special versions only available as physical copies at our live shows - something for hardcore fans to really dig their teeth into. We’re also releasing a visual representation of our world with each single to immerse the audience even further.”

Stream 'Algorithm' here:


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