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Conrad Ashton’s New Song is Inspiring & Uplifting

Infusing his music with sincerity and remarkable passion, Conrad has an undying belief in himself and his music, and hopes to inspire and entertain. A songwriter with an ability to craft songs with a heartfelt message, Conrad Ashton returns with another single. ‘Those Were the Days’ is the latest from this North-East artist.

Having started making music from an early age, inspired by a performance from Pete Townshend aged 9, a young Conrad picked up the guitar and a mic and set out to reach the stage himself. He has performed across local venues and has been very busy recording and releasing music since 2020. Prior to then, he introduced his sound via his 2015 album ‘One For The Road’. Recent releases prove that Conrad has grown as an artist.

Conrad provides a rock vocal which is attention grabbing and the music is captivating from start to finish - firstly we’re warmed up with something a little more mellow before the song erupts into a full-blown band chorus. Conrad’s sound is a little old-fashioned, but one might prefer to call that a ‘classic’ rock sound. He seems mature beyond his years that’s for sure.

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