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Dar.Ra Drops Enticing New EP 'Kings and Serfs'

Irish artist Dar.Ra has released his stand-out 3-track EP 'Kings and Serfs'. This is a singer-songwriter who instils hope in music's ability to move you on all levels. Let his songs give you the chills and draw some tears; if you've been feeling a touch isolated as of late, let Dar.Ra reach out with some much-needed human connection...

The EP is an interesting blend of soul and rock music, with the artist's powerful vocal throughout. There's a touch of The Rolling Stones to be heard for sure, and we can bet that Dar.Ra has great stage presence.

Opening track 'Fake It Till You Make It' has a raucous energy with excellent instrumentation and arrangement involving piano, synth and electric guitar. The lyrics immediately introduce you to the story-telling ability of the artist, with mention of a motel and a lover; from whom the titular words of the chorus directed at the singer come. The song becomes a message to the listener to follow your instincts and be unapologetically you. This is a feel-good track with a strong rhythm section. The guitar solo is a real slice of ear candy too.

'Londinium' has a theatrical quality to it, particularly with it's spoken-style vocal. A suspenseful piano intro erupts in a punk-style mesh of brash guitars and drums. Another story now; this time about the speaker's grandparents and the sense of unification that people from the city of London feel: "We are the lights that make it truly shine."

'Sweet As' has a swing to it and is super catchy. There's a definite Brit-pop element to Dar.Ra's music too. He is clearly a very versatile artist capable of crafting songs which blur lines of genre, and add a unique charisma to everything he does.

Watch the music video for 'Londinium' below:

Dar.Ra also dropped his new album recently, 'Ballads For The Down-Trodden'. In essence this is a collection of some of the more laid back moments from various albums and EPs over the years with an uncovered unreleased gem called ‘Evermore’ which was penned for his Mother's sad early passing when the ‘Soul Hours’ album came out in 2008.

If you fancy getting to know the artist more, definitely check out this incredible collection of twelve tracks too, which is available - along with the new EP - to stream/download on all major platforms now.

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