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Datastar have just released new single 'Bright Shining Light'

Datastar is a songwriting and music production collective who blend EDM, pop, rock, and hip-hop. Based in New York City they’re a mix of musicians and music enthusiasts, including everything from a DJ to a record store owner. Their latest single 'Bright Shining Light' was released July 2nd and is a light fun summer based dance-pop track we keep playing on repeat...

This infectious production has great dance elements. A super catchy EDM synth lead interweaves beautiful with electric piano, other little glimmers of synth and a tight groove section. Not to mention the phat bass-line. This music is sure to uplift you, as will the accompanying music video picturing gorgeous scenic locations and people having a great time. Let this be your soundtrack for summer, we certainly have it added to all our playlists! The bridge section is awesome, as there's a huge build of tension and then release as the track erupts once more into its entrancing main beat and riff combination. So get your dancing shoes on and get moving. Datastar have smashed it with this.

Listen and watch right here:


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