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DEBUT: Cyan Tempest has left his mark with ‘Elevate’!

Cyan Tempest is the musical vehicle for multi-instrumentalist, producer/composer Aleksander McMillan. His musical career is one that has taken many shapes and forms, most notably as the lead guitarist and producer of rock band Salt River Shakedown.

Cyan Tempest is the alter ego that allows his imagination to run wild with creativity, producing everything entirely on his own. His debut single ‘Elevate’ gives us a peak into pop infused R&B world.

The track itself is a very current electronic style track. The vocals alone sound very fresh on the verses similar to a Prince style with the well delivered falsetto but with a disco sound. The song is groovy and has an original dance beat to it, with a clear direction of where the song is going sonically. It sounds almost like a blast from the past but with a new and original electronic element to it, very well produced with complementary accompaniments in the background. The song reflects on the acts of human kind and the consequences that human nature can have on the planet around us. The overall message being the desire to find peace amongst a world which is so easy to be lost within, a message I think many of Cyan Tempest listeners will resonate with and enable more people to fall in love with this track.

“Elevate” – Single Artwork

Cyan Tempest – Social Media: Apple Music | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify


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