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Deliriously Serious deliver their one of a kind reggae-infused sound in 'Heartbeat'

Deliriously Serious are a delightful duo who have been working together for a long time. Becoming an undeniable partnership, their music has also grown as well, branching into hip-hop, reggae and other alternative genres to create a genre that is truly their own. Their self titled debut album is a culmination of all the work they have put in, and it is truly encapsulated in the lead single 'Heartbeat'.

Bordering across their love for reggae, 'Heartbeat' is a positive and upbeat track that will have you singing along in no time with their euphoric and clever lyricism, and they bring a real aura of heartwarming and enriching vibes throughout this joyous song. The thing to love about Deliriously Serious is to not take them too seriously, and just enjoy the music the pair create so harmoniously. Check it out for yourself and find out.

Stream 'Heartbeat' in full here:


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