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DeNard Kendricks Drops Luxury-Chill EP 'ThaCookout'

Seasoned hip-hop artist from Ft. Worth, TX that is looking to carve out his lane and cement his spot as a musical great. He has just dropped his killer new EP 'ThaCookout' this 19th July 2021.

Continuing with the underlying theme of (it’s a secret; feel free to guess) ‘ThaCookout’ picks up where previous EP ‘City Lights’ left off. Opening track 'Charcoal & Lighters' has a brilliant chilled vibe which will have your body moving. This is very tasteful lofi hiphop that has a beautiful analogue sound, as if these tracks have been recorded through tape. The beat has a lot of knock to it. There is a touch of Outkast to this, as well as Tyler The Creator.

Second track 'Get a Plate' is about the gritty brutality of everyday life. Presumably a personal narrative for the rapper, as is usually the case within the genre, we are witness to some home truths in a heartfelt message to listeners everywhere. We love the old skool feel again to this; with its infectious groove and interesting vocal additions. The chorus is super catchy, and will linger long after hearing it! Final track on this killer EP is the laid-back 'Pimpin' Baby' which has buckets full of swag and attitude, complete with gorgeous piano and gliding guitar licks. We love the naughty bassline on this too, which will have you well and truly immersed in this tune. All in all, 'ThaCookout' truly showcases impeccable songwriting and a refreshing take on rap - it's something really unique and totally it's own, yet with elements of the great classic styles we love.

Stream the EP here:

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