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  • Writer's pictureAlex Court

Dez Rocksteady sends a message distinctly and tastefully.

'You don't need much (To do a lot)' is one of those tracks that could fit perfectly in a cheery and playful TV setting, surrounded by colourful imagery and motivational messages. With an acoustic set up Dez Rocksteady fills the soundscape excellently, the rich overtones from the acoustic guitar and his 'friendly' voice the main contributing factors.

The balance surrounding this track is just one way Dez Rocksteady shows his talents, being able to build a track without overpowering the message and tone of the song. You can hear the potential this artist has to move higher up the 'indie' genre the further you get through the track; writing songs that carry a message clearly with a great backing to support.

This singer-songwriter will make a mark on the indie scene, enhancing the way we listen out for a message within the tracks. I look forward to seeing where Dez Rocksteady goes; and regardless of where that may be, I'm sure they will make an impact.


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