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Dive into the Glitchy Wonderland of SUBFICTION’s New EP "we_glitch / error_1312"

Image credit: Niek Hage

Get ready to have your mind blown and your feet moving! The elusive and enigmatic Dutch producer SUBFICTION has just dropped his latest EP, we_glitch / error_1312 under the On Track / SUBFICTION label. Known for crafting hard-hitting beats, euphoric synths, and electrifying trippy electronica, SUBFICTION’s newest release is an auditory adventure you won’t want to miss.

If you haven’t heard of SUBFICTION yet, where have you been? This mysterious maestro, wrapped in a veil of secrecy (literally!), is back with his third EP, we_glitch / error_1312. With two electrifying tracks, this EP is set to dominate your playlists and dance floors alike.

SUBFICTION shares, “I made the we_glitch / error_1312 EP with two UK warehouse type belters that embrace the repetition-based origin of house music with modern glitchy breakbeats and pitched vocals. Both tracks have a bass-heavy beat switch to surprise and switch up dance floors.”

Who is SUBFICTION? That’s a question everyone’s asking, and nobody knows! This veiled virtuoso first emerged in 2022 and has since become a staple in the Dutch electronic scene. From playing an official after-show for Ross From Friends to touring with De Likt and performing at top festivals like Grasnapolsky and Motel Mozaïque, SUBFICTION is unstoppable.

In January 2024, he wowed audiences at Eurosonic Noorderslag, earning a spot in 3voor12's top 12 acts. But don’t expect to uncover his secrets—his identity remains as mysterious as ever, adding to the allure of his electrifying performances.

Influenced by electronic legends like Aphex Twin and Overmono, SUBFICTION’s sound is a treat for fans of Four Tet, Bicep, and Fred Again. His previous EPs, SOLO and weird glitches ‘n’ other shakes, showcase his versatility, blending serious cinematic vibes with irreverent, club-ready beats.

Want to experience the magic live? Here’s where you can catch SUBFICTION next:

  • 06.06.24 - TBA, Antwerpen

  • 08.06.24 - De Kade, Rotterdam

  • 15.06.24 - Manana Manana, Laren

  • 29.06.24 - TBA, Zwolle

  • 12.07.24 - Het Monument Festival, Dordrecht

  • 10.08.24 - TBA, Breda

  • 09.08.24 - Zomerparkfest, Venlo

  • 21.09.24 - Festival Downtown, Rotterdam



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