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Dragonfruit releases new EP 'Honeymoon Phase'

Get ready for the mesmerizing soundscapes of Dutch Neo-Soul-come-Electronic-Pop quartet Dragonfruit as they release their highly anticipated EP, Honeymoon Phase. This Rotterdam-based group is known for their unique blend of electronic, synth-heavy vibes with elements of funk, R&B, indie, pop, and neo-soul, creating an immersive and euphoric musical experience that has gained them recognition across national press, national radio, and Spotify playlists.

The EP features five tracks that showcase the band's multifaceted sound, with their lead single, "Space Traveler" stealing the spotlight. This swinging bop combines R&B and pop, layered over a bass-heavy electronica soundscape with lush synth pads and tight percussion beats. The vocal duties are shared by Dragonfruit's Danique and featured artist Hudson, adding multiple dimensions to the track and delivering ear-worm melodies with a sense of joyous charisma.

When asked about the inspiration behind "Space Traveler," the band shares, “Lead single of EP Honeymoon Phase. Space Traveler tells a story of someone who suffers from escapism so bad they escape to the galaxies. The song was written together with L.A based songwriters Daniel Davila and Cooper Bell, with the latter one featuring on the track itself as Hudson.”

Dragonfruit has already gained recognition from tastemaker press such as Wonderland, Earmilk, Atwood Magazine, Stereofox, and Kaltblut, as well as placements in various Spotify editorial playlists and worldwide radio play. With millions of streams and appearances at renowned festivals like North Sea Jazz Festival and Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Dragonfruit is well on their way to becoming a strong name in the music scene.


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