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Dwin, The Stoic is a songwriter, performer, composer, poet and journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria. An afro-fusion artist, Dwin blends a multitude of genres together that creates a powerful and vivid way of storytelling in his music. So far, he has amassed over 1.5 million streams across platforms and written music for acts like Adekunle Gold, Ibejii, Jessica Bongos, Bigfootinyourface, and others.

Ever rhythmic and vibrant in his eclectic songwriting approach, Dwin is influenced by the likes of Marcus Mumford, Paul Simon, Jim Reeves, Labrinth, Sampha, Sufjan and Asa, as he so seamlessly implements music across several genres ranging from afropop to EDM, resulting in a captivating and all encompassing sound that travels far and wide.

Receiving editorial support from Spotify and accumulating a relatable and succinct audience from his Nigerian homeland, Dwin is looking to expand his emerging listenership to a more global space, and is on the verge of his finest body of work to date in ‘Love Lane’ EP.

Soulful and resonating, Dwin, The Stoic channels his whole musical psyche into this EP, providing a unique sonic exploration that touches on different ways love is experienced - from the sweet to the sour. Collaborating with producer Rhaffy across all 5 tracks, both musicians showcase their musical dynamism and relentless craft to stand out from the crowd. The pair have worked on several projects in the past, and you can hear the musical chemistry and synergy in the music they produce together.

Lead single ‘Don’t Wait Up’ feat. Kelechief, is a highly strung and experimental dosage of Afropop. The afrobeats vibe is instantaneous from the percussion elements at the introduction, before Dwin infuses his pop-woven melodies and his one of a kind vocal to take the whole mood and feel to a whole other sonic direction.

There are moments that are reminiscent of Rag’n’Bone Man, with Dwin’s commanding vocal presence that stops you in your tracks. ‘Don’t Wait Up’ is a dark and brooding Afropop track that transcends beyond the norm, which is what makes Dwin, The Stoic so special and an artist to watch out for in 2023.


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