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New York Outfit Elektragaaz Release Advance Track from Upcoming Album

Let us introduce you to the Advance Track from the Upcoming “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 2” from Elektragaaz. This is a super entrancing instrumental single that will make you rock your body and open your mind. It features experimental instrumentation and arrangement, and is a total fusion of acoustic and electronic elements...

The group features rising stars and seasoned veterans based in the New York metropolitan area including, among its core contributors, Tom Elektron, Mat Thunder, Kathy Kaos, Jas Windstorm, Kosmik Kate, Josh Firebow and Steel Mike. The group is headed by an enigmatic 19 year old Dutch composer using the pseudonym of Redband.

This track is a joy to listen to and fuses many musical influences into one unique sound: classical music, rock, club, techno, hip hop, pop, dance, blues funk. The group are creating very cinematic music, and so it's no surprise that they are also inspired by film noir comic books and video games. The unusual juxtaposition of keyboards and synth with guitar and an infectious groove, will have you dying to hit the dancefloor! We love the moments of jazz in this too, with elegant saxophone interspersed throughout. This is something we haven't quite heard before, that's for sure. It will have you gripped from start to finish.


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