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Ella Rose Oliveras dazzles on her latest pop gem 'Young Heart'

Every now and again, a new artist comes along to share something truly heartfelt, and this new offering from Ella Rose Oliveras is exactly that!

Arriving after last year's debut single 'Ruined That', her newest song 'Young Heart' fills us with a warm and content vibrancy that is so hard to find these days. With her effortlessly silky voice riding a wave of laid-back production, she certainly has a sound that will be making waves in the mainstream very soon.

Adding about the new single, “We’ve all grown up in a world trying to feel whole from the outside in, seeking validation from others and trying our best to meet other people’s expectations. For me, writing this song captured some of the moments I’ve felt that way and reminded myself that the only opinion that should matter is mine. Being free from the need for validation is something super empowering to me, like being a badass, and that’s how I want others to feel while listening to this track.”

Listen to Ella Rose Oliveras' new single 'Young Heart' below:


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