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Emerging duo Da Messenger’s unveil their heartfelt single ‘My Decree’ from their debut album

Da Messenger is the alias of Melusi Dube and Clinton Niemba who formed this incredible duo in late 2020 during covid. The pair have produced multiple singles and released them on their YouTube channel every Friday whilst sending them to friends and family for 6 months.

As proud Christians, their aim is to share positivity, happiness and life’s treasures through their lyrics. Their latest single ‘My Decree’ from their debut album entitled 'The Journey' unveils an elevating and truly inspiring affair from the blossoming talents.

Da Messenger’s mentioned: “My Decree brings a perfect ambience for summer 2022 and onwards. Enjoy charismatic melodies and relaxed lyrics of Da Messenger's rare British songwriting style. A showcase of their vocal and energetic ability, Da Messenger’s are the ones to look out for in 2022”

The laid-back affair sees Da Messenger’s flawless flow combine with elegant percussion and exceptional vocal delivery, whilst the inspiring story elevates listeners to another dimension through Da Messenger’s raw emotions and unique storytelling with ease.


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