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Emerging Indie-folk Offering Release 'Moon Mushroom'

Introducing Wanderland with the incredibly distinctive and multifaceted new single ‘Moon Mushroom’. The single is out now and is taken from the project's upcoming five track EP which drops on 16th July.

The track was written and created in North Yorkshire, where the indie-folk offering came together in creating a dream-fueled world, filled with swirling romance and adventure. The single explores grooving bass lines, processed massed vocals, field recordings of waterfalls, analog synths and poetic lyrics.

‘Moon Mushroom’ is accompanied with a visually rich approached music video which draws on a pile of colorful surrealist references and is certainly a work of breadth and enriching imagination.

“Moon Mushroom is a song for the inner explorer and love of the nonsensical. It is playful, upbeat and the consistent groove and riddle infused lyrics will stir your curiosity, imagination and dancing feet.” the duo share. “Preceded on the EP with an ‘Intro’ about falling into a deep sleep, the song depicts a mythological world heavily inspired by the natural surroundings of the wilderness in North Yorkshire.”

BBC Radio has already described the track as ‘I just can’t stop listening to this’. ‘Moon Mushroom’ is now following in the footsteps of successful debut single ‘Soon’, which has recently been added to BBC radio 1 ‘Chillest Mix’ playlist.


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