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Emerging pop artist Elijsha unveils charming new single ‘All Too Much’

Elijsha, a promising pop artist hailing from the scenic mountains of South East Queensland, is set to captivate audiences with her latest musical offering. The singer-songwriter, who discovered her passion for music at a tender age, has honed her skills on guitar and piano since the age of 12. Embracing the art of storytelling through melodic compositions, Elijsha effortlessly navigates life's ups and downs, creating heartfelt songs that resonate with listeners.

Presenting her new single, 'All Too Much', Elijsha encapsulates a significant moment in time—the exhilaration of embarking on a new chapter, particularly the emotions that arise when falling in love.

Elijsha shares, "Sometimes, our emotions are so overwhelming that it becomes difficult to comprehend them. 'All Too Much' captures the essence of this emotional journey, embracing and acknowledging the intensity that accompanies it."

Showcasing an intimate bedroom-pop production, Elijsha's lyrics exude a genuine passion that beautifully intertwines with her authentic vocal performance. The track further boasts lively piano elements and uplifting rhythms, adding a vibrant touch to the composition.

Listen to ‘All Too Much’ below:


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