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Emma Jo's Stunning New Single “Queen of the Silver Lining” Out Friday!

Growing up in Missouri, Emma Jo was raised on the sounds of Motown, classic country and early rock 'n' roll. Performing on stage since she was four years old, Emma Jo penned her first original song aged eleven. A number of album and single releases have followed, and her most recent release is this glorious single 'Queen of the Silver Lining', which drops this Friday 16th April!

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In 2018, Emma Jo released her highly anticipated fifth-studio album titled Brave, a record shaped by grief, heartache, growth and perseverance following the tragic suicide of her father just six months prior. This latest song, "Queen of the Silver Lining," is the latest evolution in Emma Jo's sound, reflecting a new maturity and honesty as she reflects on her personal challenges and triumphs.

This is a beautiful track with a real country feel, full of optimism and hope. Through the hard times, through the bad, there is light. The lyrics couple with a powerful lead vocal make for very compelling listening: "Yeah you can bury me low, but I'm like a seed, I'll rise again and I will grow...' There's feel-good banjo and a rhythm section which will have your body moving to the rhythm. Layers of warm guitars add a real richness and depth to the track. The music is excellently arranged and composed, and together with the heartfelt message of the theme, this makes for great listening.

Despite having bad luck, this is a song about turning it around and finding that inner strength; at the end of the day, there is strength within us all and we always pull through. Also, it's a celebration of music; as the lyric goes: "But I still got a rhythm and my old guitar", which makes perfect sense given that this is a talented artist who has used music as a medium of self-expression throughout her life and up till now. Emma Jo is a true delight and we imagine she is an excellent live performer; we only wish we were a little closer to the States to go see her, although maybe she could come to the UK?!

Emma Jo explains about the origins of this new track:

"I wrote “Queen of the Silver Lining” several months ago. I knew I was about to go through a season of change in my life – the kind of change that can be scary, overwhelming, and even devastating. I just had to keep telling myself that even after all I’ve been through in the past several years, I’m still standing and, really, I’m thriving. I thought it would be fun to write a song about a person who never has any good luck, but is always positive that something good is just around the corner."

Get set for Emma Jo's release of new single “Queen of the Silver Lining” out this Friday 16th April 2021.


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