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ET Boys Drop Memorable Track 'Long Night'

ET Boys is made up of two Latino brothers named Tacboy and Sharkeyes. They have crafted their own unique blend of music, which might be best described as 'Nu Pop Melodic Rap'. Carving out their own distinctive niche within the music industry, these guys are sure to make a name for themselves. We take a listen to their latest release 'Long Night' and also share our thoughts on the accompanying music video...

Born in Chicago but hailing from Broward County, Florida, Tacboy takes lead as the vocalist - lyricist. He gives a stellar performance here, where we get a real sense of emotion being weaved into the music. This is a track that wavers between fun and something deeper. Sharkeyes, on the other hand, deals with the musical composition side of things. We think this is a cracking pairing, and it certainly seems that it is because of their brotherhood and profound bond that the music is emerging as something special. Sharkeyes comments:

“These sounds can not be forced into creation but rather are born from the bonds of brotherhood."

We love how the video shares an insight into the process of the creation of their music; as they spend time in the studio; at the desk, in the vocal booth; Tacboy on the floor in despair trying to write lyrics with crumpled pieces of notepaper on the floor around him. It's a 'long night' no doubt, when the band are busy crafting their sonic landscape, but equally when they play suggests the double-entendre of the visual: work hard, play hard! The dreamy neon glow of the video suits the track beautifully too. Kaleidoscopic shades of electronica and acoustic mesh together, with the sound of brass adding a jazzy feel. We've never heard anything quite like this before.

Check out the truly tantalising video right here whilst enjoying the song for yourself:


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