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Exploring Celestial Depths with Astral Gray's new track 'Mirror On The Wall'

Astral Gray, the Brighton-based celestial prog-psych-rock singer-songwriter, is once again ready to mesmerize audiences with his latest single release, 'Mirror On The Wall'. This captivating track serves as a tantalizing preview of his forthcoming debut album, 'The Past Is In The Way'.

Known for his distinctive blend of 70s-infused soundscapes and profound songwriting, Astral Gray has carved out a niche in the music scene through his evocative performances and thought-provoking lyrics. Having honed his craft on stages across Brighton alongside notable acts like Sugar Candy Mountain and The New Eves, Astral Gray's musical journey is one of exploration and introspection.

'Mirror On The Wall' shows Astral Gray's evolution as an artist, showcasing what might be his most compelling work to date. With its rich tapestry of swirling organs, psychedelic guitar tones, and hauntingly slow drums, the track transports listeners to a realm where introspection meets cosmic reverie. Astral Gray's elegant yet commanding vocals add depth and emotion, drawing parallels to luminaries such as Weyes Blood, The Doors, and Pink Floyd.

As the song builds to its climactic finale, layers of fuzzy guitar tones and ethereal vocal harmonies envelop the listener, offering a glimpse into the intricate songwriting that defines Astral Gray's upcoming album. But beneath the mesmerizing melodies lies a deeper narrative—one that reflects on the complexities of modern life and the human condition.

In Astral Gray's own words, 'Mirror On The Wall' serves as a mirror to our collective consciousness, reflecting the flaws and uncertainties of both ourselves and the world around us. It's a poignant commentary on the stubbornness of humanity and the existential crises that loom on the horizon.

Looking ahead to his debut album, 'The Past Is In The Way', Astral Gray invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and societal critique. With its introspective themes and celestial soundscapes, the LP promises to challenge perceptions and spark introspection in equal measure.

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