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February Artist: Danica Dares

North-East trio Danica Dares are back with their second single! Our first introduction to the band was with their glorious and ethereal debut release ‘Giving It Away’. Now, a track with a little more bite – we present ‘Paranoia Party’, their latest release.

Are you feeling lonely? Snap. Well fear not because Danica Dares are here to ease your lonesomeness. The track couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, as many of us struggle with lockdown blues; itching to connect and reunite with loved ones, or even with strangers for that matter.

Front woman Harriet McBain’s voice will soothe and unnerve you in equal measures; reminding you that you’re not alone in your quest to be liked, loved, wanted. Bass and electronic elements are provided by the talented Jon Haines, and guitars by the equally talented Richard Sanderson. At the core of Danica Dares – exceptional instrumentation and songwriting with hard-hitting semantic themes.

Harriet’s distorted vocal will stir your soul. The song is pretty haunting actually. Ultimately, this song shines a spotlight onto our unnecessary dependency on other people for our own happiness. Perhaps instead we need to look to ourselves for security. You can be your own party! (And after the year we’ve all had it’s certainly time for some celebrations…!).

This is a track for fans of Wolf Alice, David Bowie, Kate Bush, The Cure and all you indie-rock lovers. We can’t wait to see the video, of which we’ve heard rumours. Just look at the stills; they are totally stand-out, with Harriet clad in vintage attire within the confines of four walls, dancing and dining alone.

Paranoia Party is the second release from Danica Dares’ debut album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ which was written and recorded during lockdown.

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