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Get Lost In Elektragaaz’ Sonic Universe In The Synaesthetic Picture Show Pt. 4

The Synaesthetic Picture Show Pt. 4 is perhaps one of the most intriguing projects I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. This body of work boasts elements of electronica, hip hop, rock, EDM, film noir, video games… need I go on? It’s got it all — and it’s all neatly sewn together in a six track album oozing with excitement and electricity. Whilst, on first inspection, this album is seemingly a mix and match musical adventure, The Synaesthetic Picture Show Pt. 4 has one very specific goal — to create a movie in the mind of its listener. With the ever-evolving soundscapes, nostalgic synths and relentlessly dynamic drum lines, Elektragaaz’s album does just that.

‘The Defiant Ones’ kicks off this EP with a nostalgic atmosphere. It could be taken straight out of a video games sound track in the nineties. The seamless sewing together of synths makes this track a complete standout. The relentless drum line cuts through the soundscape perfectly, fuelling the energy and propelling this track forward. There’s not a single track on this EP that needs vocals to keep it engaging, the intricate and slick production from Elektragaaz does that all by itself, and ‘The Defiant Ones’ sets the tone for that perfectly. ‘Counterspy’ is another highlight. There’s realms of rock and folk swimming in the sonic landscape, creating a totally different vibe from any other track. The way Elektragaaz plays with tempo in this track flexes some serious skill. It’s hard to take your attention away from this one. ‘Her Body Is A Dance’ concludes this EP with some infectious funk. Staying true to the synth stylings of the other tracks, this song shows off Elektragaaz’ effortless synth sculpting. Blending the acoustic and the electronic is no small feat, and Elektragaaz nails it in this one. The Synaesthetic Picture Show Pt. 4 is one of the most immersive examples of production I’ve come across in a while. This playful, colourful EP is an example of how vibrant and engaging the manipulation of sound can be. Do yourself a favour and allow yourself to get lost in the interactive, immersive atmosphere of The Synaesthetic Picture Show Pt. 4 sonic universes.

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