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Get Ready for a Sonic Adventure with CODE 89's Latest EP ‘Road Trip’

Do you crave the irresistible pulse of retro synth beats, infused with the magic of the 80s and a touch of futuristic flair? Then you're in for a treat with CODE 89's newest release, 'Road Trip'. This French duo, composed of Rems and J-L Cassin is back with their second EP under Pür Zynth Rekords, ready to transport you on a dreamy, electronic journey.

CODE 89 has always had a knack for blending the nostalgic vibes of the 80s with a fresh, contemporary sound. Their musical adventure began in 2021 with their first single, and they haven't looked back since. Their 2022 EP, 'Oracle', featured the track "In This Life", which caught the attention of the New Retro Wave label. They followed this up in 2023 with '80’s Night', a retro-futuristic EP released on Pür Zynth Rekords, even offering a special cassette edition for those who love the vintage touch.

Now, in 2024, CODE 89 is set to dazzle us once again with 'Road Trip'. This EP is a collection of six exquisite tracks, each one a perfect blend of smooth, sequential melodies and dreamy atmospheres.

Enhanced by the ethereal touch of female choirs, 'Road Trip' is the perfect soundtrack for stargazing nights or scenic drives. It captures the essence of their Mediterranean Dreamwave style, rooted deep in the heart of Nantes and Marseille. Each track on 'Road Trip' is designed to evoke a sense of wonder and adventure, making it the perfect companion for any road trip or late-night drive.

So, grab your headphones, hit the road, and let CODE 89 guide you through a retro-futuristic dreamscape like no other.


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